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FIRST POST Flight Planner Back Online
24 May 2007 14:04 GMT - name: WEBMASTER
The flight planner is back online! yes big grin
A REPLY Re: Flight Planner page   READ PREVIOUS...
22 May 2007 13:20 GMT - name: WEBMASTER
Thank you for your feedback. We are aware of the issue. The flight planner is a service by another website, so we have to wait until it comes back online. wink
FIRST POST Flight Planner page
21 May 2007 12:13 GMT - name: kninerap
I am aftaid your flight planning page has stopped working as of 20.05.2007, - from the following link - www.flightsimaviation.com/_flight_planner.html
FIRST POST Aviation Databases Improved!
28 Apr 2007 01:36 GMT - name: WEBMASTER
The Aviation Databases are now even better and easier to use! So look under the Aviation tab and find information fast and easy!
09 Apr 2007 16:17 GMT - name: WEBMASTER
As you may have noticed, the site received a major update today. These are the changes:
- News sections removed (not used enough)
- Multimedia section updated with a lot of new material and better layout!
- Homepage redesigned, should be better!
- New polls added (2006 polls: see polls archive)
I hope you like the changes.
29 Dec 2006 13:06 GMT - name: Arno
Dear visitors,
I wish you all a very good new year with blue skies!
Best regards,
Arno, site manager
FIRST POST Back Online !
13 Apr 2006 16:12 GMT - name: Arno (webmaster)
The website is back online now after a number of days downtime. We have moved to a new, better web host located in The Netherlands which can support our growth. There won't be a large difference in loading time of the website, but for European visitors it may be a small improvement. Thank you and enjoy the Flightsim Aviation Zone!
FIRST POST New feature: Time Zone World Maps
28 Jan 2006 05:32 GMT - name: Arno (webmaster)
FIRST POST Happy Holidays & a Great New Year !
25 Dec 2005 08:53 GMT - name: Arno (webmaster)
Dear visitors, I wish you all very happy holidays & a great new year !!! smile, happy
Arno, Flightsim Aviation Zone webmaster
P.S. www.flightsimaviation.com/sitenews268.html
FIRST POST Forums Improved
31 May 2005 04:53 GMT - name: Arno (webmaster)
The forums have been improved. It is now possible to click the subject lines - of posts which are replies to other posts - to read the previous 1 or 2 posts. This makes it much easier to track a discussion or recall a previous post. Keep enjoying our forums!


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