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Copyrights - Disclaimer - Terms of Use

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All pages and contents of this website are copyrighted to the owner of this website (A. van Vulpen, Netherlands), unless indicated otherwise. © 2002-2007. All rights reserved. Nothing from this website may be copied in any way or form, other than for strictly personal, non-commercial use. Third party brands and images are copyright to their respective copyright holders.

Names & Brands
The name of this website, (The) FlightSim Aviation Zone, may not be used by other organisations or persons, no matter if it would be related to flight simulation/aviation or not. Product and brand names of third parties such as (but not excluding) Microsoft, Flight Simulator, IVAO, VATSIM, Roger Wilco, ServInfo mentioned on this website are copyright to their respective copyright holders. Violating copyrights can result in serious legal troubles.

Images and logos
None of the screenshots, logos or other images on this website may be copied, distributed, used or modified in any way or by any means, other than for strictly personal, non-commercial use. (This also means that they may not be used in any way on any other website or in any other digital or non-digital publications.) Other use than allowed in these terms and conditions requires prior, explicit, written permission from the owner of this website. Logo banners and images provided for promotional use may be used anywhere, as long as they are linked to this website or this website is mentioned as the source - these images must be saved on your own server (see the next section for more information on this). All images remain property of the owner of this website.

Linking to this website
We allow other websites to link to pages of this website, but ONLY to pages which are accessible through the navigation menu and sitemap of this website. We prefer links to our homepage. We do not allow links to images, scripts or other files which are not regular pages meant for viewing in a web browser. 'Hotlinking' is strictly forbidden and illegal. We consider this a serious offense, as it can put a heavy load on our systems.
Bots and spider software
Use of bots, spiders or any other software to download pages from this website automatically, is strictly forbidden and illegal. We consider this a serious offense, as these programs put a heavy load on our systems. We use an abuse detection system, which reports illegal use of this website to the website administrator. He can then easily contact the internet service provider or official authorities to report the abuser. Search engine crawling: major search engines are allowed to crawl this website, but not to save entire pages. Smaller search engines (e.g. on privately owned websites) are not allowed to crawl this website.

Damage and liability
The webmaster and owner of The Flightsim Aviation Zone and the flightsimaviation.com domain, accepts NO liability whatsoever for any failures, damage or errors, whether electrical, mechanical, physical or of any other kind, and can NOT be held liable for any kind of harm or damage caused directly or indirectly by any of the contents of this website or any of the contents of other websites, to which this website contains hyperlinks. Contents of this website are provided 'as is'. We do not give any guarantees whatsoever as to accuracy or completeness. Use of this website, including downloading, viewing or opening any file under the abovementioned domain, is completely at your own risk and your own responsibility. Aviation materials provided are not meant for actual real world use.

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