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FS 2006 Wish List

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07 Sep 2006 20:01 GMT - name: chad johnson
i just got my glider pilot licens and it would be nice to have a tow plane insted of using slew...i have a vet right now..but its not the same crying
20 Apr 2006 14:46 GMT - name: SPINNER
Hello Francis,
big grin Hey did you upgrade your graphic card yet.I like to know it makes a big different.Have you seen all the new add-ons for FS2004.I won't be buying anymore for FS2004.Most of the upgrades like ground terrain etc will be introduced in FSX.Have you tried POSKY 737-700 w/pushback tug and walking ground crew it's great.That's how I know the best is yet to come.
05 Mar 2006 15:25 GMT - name: Francis
We have had just about everything in FS2004, so how about baloons ? confused
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08 Feb 2006 16:23 GMT - name: Jacob
I know they did that to me too.that is a great Idea too. smile, happy
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08 Feb 2006 15:40 GMT - name: Francis
One feature that I believe would attract many buyers including me to a new version of FS would be the inclusion of a 'BUILD YOUR OWN AIRCRAFT' utility and tutorials and 'REPAINT AIRCRAFT' tutorials. Also an extensive database of SOUNDS. There are beautiful aircraft available freeware with surely the wrong engine sounds.. I mean, I have downloaded beautifully made large twin engine aircrat with the engine sounds of a Cessna, LOLOLOL !!!
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06 Feb 2006 11:39 GMT - name: Denis Couture
More modern light aircraft as
piper malibu, saratoga, 6 XT, cessna 206, 310,337 SKYMASTER,Citation, Lake Buccaneer, ONE OF THE BOMBARDIER CHALLENGER, DASH 8, cl-415 some US fighter AS F-14,F-15, F-16, F-18, the RAPTOR,and the beautiful old Mustang. Also, is it possible to have information as ILS and VOR FREQUENCIES printable for personal simulator flight plan utility?
01 Feb 2006 12:29 GMT - name: :SPINNER
eeek! you are absolutley correct.Lets see were MSFS takes us hopefully they will blow us away.There are third party software out there who's sceneries are just Uncanny.I like to see MSFS do the same.
28 Jan 2006 07:26 GMT - name: Francis
If Microsoft is about 'excellence' and I believe it is, then shouldn't MSFS scenery be EXCELLENT too, particularly with the advent of Google Earth Pro ? ---> Using the scroll wheel in your mouse you can level Google Earth's images... SPECTACULAR, MAN !I can see my own house in there ! Royalties to Google too high ? Maybe Microsoft should launch their own satellite ! yes
27 Jan 2006 05:56 GMT - name: Joe AKA:SPINNER
I've seen vechiles in some of the screen shots.Hopefully its all around the world and not hand pick sceneries.I know for some system this will be over bearing,but there's nothing like landing when you have action right under your feet. eeek!
24 Jan 2006 13:45 GMT - name: Francis
Airport diversions due to bad weather for example ?


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