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FIRST POST Funniest Darn Arctic "Bush Flying"
03 Jan 2007 17:57 GMT - name: downsideup
stories I've ever heard or read. You'll laugh 'til you cry!!
A REPLY Re: Calculating TAS - Rules of Thumb page   READ PREVIOUS...
30 May 2006 14:09 GMT - name: Arno
Hi David, that is because methods 3 and 5 are more suitable for lower altitudes. Look at the example data... smile, happy
FIRST POST Calculating TAS - Rules of Thumb page
29 May 2006 20:27 GMT - name: David Vail
The page containing rules of thumb for calculating True Air Speed displays 5 methods. Using 290 KIAS at FL350, I got the following results:
Rule 1: TAS = 465
Rule 2: TAS = 465
Rule 3: TAS = 493
Rule 4: not used
Rule 5: TAS = 402
Why such difference and which is probably closest? confused
14 Apr 2006 23:31 GMT - name: Gerald France
I heard that the FA who made the movie was fired for making it. What a drag
FIRST POST Flight Attendant
16 Feb 2006 20:35 GMT - name: George
I think that "The Aviary" is a cool movie and that the FA who got fired for making it will go on to do better things.
A REPLY Re: Simulation   READ PREVIOUS...
17 Dec 2005 11:04 GMT - name: Arnold
Nice, cool movie btw! Too bad it's all in French... wink
FIRST POST Simulation
17 Dec 2005 01:26 GMT - name: nonolight
I have build two simulatons' cockpits :
You can put in my blog your comment.
Best regards
FIRST POST FA Fired for Movie
16 Dec 2005 15:27 GMT - name: jackie
Looks like the Flight Attendant who made the movie "The Aviary" got axed for Christmas. I read it on her blog. theaviarymovie.com/silverblog.htm
That sucks. Good movie though.
A REPLY Re: Flight Crew on DVD   READ PREVIOUS...
03 Nov 2005 17:04 GMT - name: Denis Kojo
ch like the movie. To show the real life of flight attendant good.
A REPLY Re: Flight Crew on DVD   READ PREVIOUS...
13 Oct 2005 13:47 GMT - name: Jeroldfrance
I quite liked the film. Here's a detailed review with production photos and story info:


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