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FIRST POST running fs 2004
01 May 2007 04:21 GMT - name: hudd
does anyone know where I can get the small file that allows fs 2004 to be run without inserting the # 4 disc.
I use to have it, but it got lost & I forgot where I got it !
FIRST POST Choosing a plane
25 Apr 2007 01:54 GMT - name: Markyc
For some reason FS2004 has suddenly stopped showing me the revolving aircraft on the 'Create a flight' page. As I hadn't done much to it since the original install I uninstalled it and started again. Unfortunately this hasn't cured the problem sad
Does anyone out there have any ideas?
Thanks shy, newbie
FIRST POST can't pass private pilot checkride
18 Mar 2007 16:44 GMT - name: Rbirdsall
I keep failing the first turn after reaching
cruising altitude. It's a simple standard rate left turn. No matter what bank angle I use, FS says the angle was too steep. I've tried it at 20 degrees, 15 degrees, 10 degrees
and less than 10 degrees; always too steep. What's the deal?
10 Mar 2007 12:11 GMT - name: Gerryv
The ATC stopped working.
The ATC window appears when selected on the view menu and accepts the first entry i.e. "tune ground on..." but does not activate any of the menu choices.
Please advise, thanks in advance.
FIRST POST FS 2004 Error Message
29 Jan 2007 01:19 GMT - name: Daniel Ellis
An error message is crashing my flights. The error message is "Running Time," FS9.exe Virtual. Does anyone know what this means and how it can be fixed. I never had this problem before.
29 Dec 2006 13:17 GMT - name: Gary
How do you be ATC in FS2004 I know you can but where do you go to download it?
Please e-mail me at gssfleet92[at]yahoo.com if you know thanks
23 Dec 2006 13:06 GMT - name: ajfoxy
is there some way of making flight sim run without the cd in?
FIRST POST current game session for FS2004
06 Dec 2006 21:50 GMT - name: Brian
playing now 4:52 Eastern time.
05 Dec 2006 17:52 GMT - name: Eric Cook
What does the "Scenery" list in Settings signify, and what does moving the names of cities or countries up or down achieve ????
FIRST POST Flashing Textures
24 Nov 2006 14:10 GMT - name: Ken s
Hi all I just got this sim and while it loads and works I have a question. I am running at 1900 X 1280 with all settings set to ultu high. When I fly I have ...well shimmering or flashing textures on things like trees and buildings. Is the a setting that will help?


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