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  Wednesday 17 October 2018 17:08 GMT  

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FS 2002 screenshots - Flight to Rome Fiumicino

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Air Malta 737 just arrived at Amsterdam Schiphol airport from Malta Luqa, taxiing to the gate - turning back to Malta within an hour Air Malta 737 on a STAR for Rome Fiumicino airport, from Malta Luqa
Below the cloud base now, Rome Fiumicino airport in sight Turning for the final approach course into Rome Fiumicino rwy 34L
Turning further to establish on the ILS 34L for LIRF Touchdown! Landed safely in Rome after a beautiful approach...
On the parking at LIRF. Passengers have disembarked, so now preparing everything for the the return flight that is scheduled to depart in 40 minutes... More screenshots >>
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