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The Flightsim Aviation Zone

The Flightsim Aviation Zone was born on 9th January 2002 in The Netherlands. It started as a small personal flight simulation site and has become a large, complex and most importantly a very popular flight simulation and aviation resource, visited by thousands of people all over the world every day.
The site was initially called "AMV002's FlightSim Zone" based on the username of the website owner at the MSN Gaming Zone. Not so much later, aviation topics were added to the website and the name was changed to "The Flightsim Aviation Zone".
In early 2003, the site moved to its current domain, FlightsimAviation.com. Since then The Flightsim Aviation Zone has experienced enormous growth, both as to its contents and the number of visitors.
The website was rebuilt using advanced web technologies (PHP, MySQL databases) and expanded with many new features, such as aviation databases, FAQs, a links directory and aviation rules-of-thumb.

The website is updated regularly with new and latest content, often automatically. The website is and will always be completely free to use.

To support us, please link to this website and spread the word, to increase its popularity. That's all we ask for, really. Thanks!
You can reach the website owner through the contact page. Comments or suggestions for improvement always welcome!
In October 2008, the website was sold to a new owner, as the first owner and creator (Arno) had to focus on his day job and would absolutely like to keep the site open for you, the many loyal visitors who have been visiting for many years!


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